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Like virtually all websites, this site automatically stores access logs, which include the IP addresses of visitors and HTTP referrer information.  Referrer information is provided by each visitor and depends on that visitor's browser settings.  Typically, this information includes the type of browser used and the URL of any site you visited this page from.  If you visited this site from a results page on a search engine such as Google, the URL will typically include the search terms used.  This information is collected because it is necessary to determine how this page is being accessed.

None of the information collected is expected to be useful in identifying you personally, and no attempt will be made to do so.  However, it is conceivable that through the use of this website, you will divulge personal details that were not sought.  As with any internet activity, you are responsible for monitoring information supplied by your computer and browser on this site and avoiding the accidental disclosure of personal or confidential information.

This site does not use cookies or other tracking devices that would derive information from you other than information that is publicly disclosed by your computer/browser.

Use of Information:

All information collected may be viewed for the purposes of evaluating this website for usefulness, security, and other factors.  No information collected will be disclosed publicly and all information will be stored in a password-protected account.

Information is stored and analyzed by web analytics tools, primarily AWStats.  These programs may the information discussed above to infer your general location, the number of pages you visited, and other information. 

No Attorney-Client Relationship:

Visiting this website does not create an attorney-client relationship, and visitors should assume that any activity on this website is not subject to attorney-client privilege.